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What our fans are saying: 

"The Marketing Mixtape works with you as a partner on your project, uniting with your own vision; they're a team you can rely upon as added strength on your team, always at the ready to make the next move happen and guide you with expert advice and creative solutions.” - 45 RIOTS (Record Label)

“I don't have a lot of experience in PR/Marketing, and honestly everything about it overwhelms me…” I had great success with my release after working with The Marketing Mixtape. My social media plan played out fluidly, the PR was excellent & I successfully landed a few Spotify playlists using the methods they taught me. I highly recommend working with this company, it is so worth it.” -Shaylee Simeone (Artist)

"The Marketing Mixtape came into our lives when we desperately had a brand identity criss. We knew what we were doing, but we didn't know how to connect our message with the public. With The Marketing Mixtape's help, we found a clear way to share our message. We can't recommend them highly enough!" - Travis Terrell, CEO & Founder, Soundstripe (Music Licensing)

"I truly had no idea what I was missing out on before my first session. For an independent artist, PR is costly and not an immediate focus. The Marketing Mixtape was able to distill the most important aspects of their knowledge and experiences into an easy-to-follow, affordable program complete with helpful resources, templates and future support. I left my session with a thorough introduction to PR, and plenty of tips, tricks, and practices to move forward with my work without huge costs." - Charlie Harris (Artist & Producer)

"I was relieved to have concrete strategies to share with my bandmates to use instead of just guessing what would (or wouldn't) work. The night of the show came and well over 100 people came!!"  - WKNDR (Band)

"Even though I've worked in marketing and done PR for my own projects for years, I found their help invaluable! They're incredibly generous with their knowledge and I learned so much in a short time. Following their suggestions, I saw an immediate response and got coverage I never would have otherwise! I would hire The Marketing Mixtape again, in a heartbeat." - Noah Scalin, League of Space Pirates (Band)


No matter where you are in your music career right now, we'll meet you exactly where you are to help make sure you keep going.

We team up with musicians in three unique ways:

"I'm so broke."

"Teach me"

"Do it for me."


 dream fearlessly.

We believe nothing should stand in the way of a musician with a dream... especially business.

Let's sort it out, together.

During this free call, we'll talk about your music project & resources to figure out your best next step, together.

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