Music Insight Series // Jessica Norton

Every now & then, we can't help but fan-girl over industry folks we meet... and this time, it's for Jessica Norton, the founder of "Camera By Her Side." From interviewing the Plain White T's to teaming up with outlets like MTV for music photography projects, we have more than a few reasons to think you'll be a fan of Jessica's, too! Keep reading for a glimpse of what it's like behind the camera lens as a music photographer. How did you get into the music/entertainment industry? My parents have always been big music fans so when I was growing up I was exposed to all different genres, listening to everything from Eric Clapton and The Wallflowers to The Ramones and Cher. No one in my family ha

Band Crush // A Boy Named Banjo

A Boy Named Banjo isn’t necessarily a household name… yet. But the Americana-roots band’s brand, showcased flawlessly on Tuesday evening at The Broadberry in Richmond, VA, is sure to make waves. The group delivered a vibrant opening act, both hyping the crowd up for the next performers and building their own image in the eyes of fans. How can you crush the art-of-the-opening-act too? Take a tip or two from these guys! PRE-SHOW Sharing content on a variety of social platforms effectively built excitement for the Americana-roots band. The group posted an authentically-playful shot on Instagram and Twitter (pictured below) that featured both a piece of Richmond and a note about their enthusiasm

Music Insight Series // Brendon Goldwasser

It's one thing to say, "Hey! My music is amazing," but it's next-level for a legit news source to say, "Hey! This artist's music is amazing." For this reason (& countless others!) we think public relations is a really good way for musicians to create a buzz around their upcoming music releases & events! Thankfully, we synced up with Brendon Goldwasser, Senior Editor of GroundSounds, to ask some of our most pressing questions about press coverage. ;) Read on to get the inside scoop! What’s your favorite song right now? I can’t stop playing “Need You” from Flight Facilities. That song just grooves so hard! I’m also really enjoying the new single “If Only I Could Sleep” from Copenhagen group Th

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