Artist Spotlight // Ben Mason Experience

Ben Mason Reframes The Boundaries of Artistry in “Beautiful Mistakes” Music Video At the crossroads of sight and sound, Ben Mason has merged his passion for both audio and visual art is his music video for “Beautiful Mistakes.” Mason, a music-industry veteran and mixed media constructionist, features his own artwork in the video, demonstrating how “happy accidents” can yield newfound beauty. Mason’s musical collaborations with industry legends, including Steuart Smith of The Eagles, and his groundbreaking artwork, are culminated in his latest masterpiece. Ben Mason Beautiful Mistakes: The Meaning “Beautiful Mistakes,” from the album, Flesh and Bone, is a testament to both Mason’s multifacete

Band Crush // The Stolen

For any band or artist to be successful, they must adopt a brand that is authentically their own and presents their unique musical story. The Stolen, an alternative rock band from Old Bridge, NJ, is a perfect example of a band that has a developed a brand all of their own. According to The Stolen’s Facebook bio, “The band's nostalgic sound of late 80's new wave rock blended with modern indie pop is nothing less of intriguing.” Three phrases immediately jump out from this band bio: “late 80’s,” “new wave rock,” and “indie pop.” These are three distinct elements of The Stolen’s musical style that one would expect to be expressed in the band’s brand. From the looks of their website, merch and s

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