Artist Exclusive // Nick Faulconer

When it comes to making connections with fans, our buddy Nick knows what's up! For this exclusive, we pick Nick & invite you to get to know him better - if you do, we're confident you'll be glad you did. Nick's vibe: My vibe is bluesy guitar-based pop electronic. You'll find me hanging out somewhere between the sounds of Eric Clapton, Lauv and John Mayer. Where Nick finds inspiration: I find inspiration in learning and growth. I can't get enough of moving forward. Whether that growth is in production, writing, performing or growing the fan base, there's always an infinite amount potential to move forward. That, to me, is incredibly inspiring. Nick's advice for musicians: My goal has always b

The Cassette // February 2019

We hear a lot about chasing dreams, but is anyone talking about what to do once we actually catch them...? I've been thinking about this

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