Artist Exclusive // Sincerely, Iris

With an album release just around the corner, Sincerely, Iris is making serious moves in his music career! On and off the road, he's the real deal when it comes to honing his craft while staying true to himself. Describe your vibe: Road Trip Music. I've lived in about 7 different states in the past 15 years or so. I think my music represents hitting the road and heading into the great unknown. Tom Petty meets Jeff Buckley on a homemade license plate guitar. Where do you find inspiration: All over the place. I grew up listening to classic rock and early nineties music. When I went to college I studied jazz guitar. I don't think it's a style that I'll ever master, but I visit it now and then t

Music Insight Series // Lucas Fritz

A lot of the bands we meet have questions like: "How do I book my band?" "How do I book BETTER gigs for my band?" "What can I do to actually stand out to a booking agent?" ... and while there's more than one right answer, sometimes it helps to hear it straight from the source. Knowing this, we're nerdy-excited to feature local-music-scene legend Lucas Fritz as part of our Music Insight Series (aannd *cue applause*). If you live in Richmond, VA (unless you live under a rock), you've probably heard of Lucas -- when it comes to booking, he's seen it ALL and has a lot of insight about how bands can get it right. Like you guys, I had a number of questions I really wanted to ask him -- below are a

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