S U C C E S S   S T O R Y



We met Shaylee when she had a brand-new single, but was unsure how to share it online with a marketing plan.


After talking, we decided RIGHT ON TRACK + DIVA PR was our best approach. Since Shaylee lives in Nashville, TN (jealous!), we met up weekly via video chat (2 hours at a time) just 2 months shy of release day & walked through it, together. As Shaylee followed each "next step," we kept in touch via email Soundboarding & rooted for her on social  media!


We saw Shaylee's engagement on social posts skyrocket with a ton of shares, comments & general fan love on campaign-related content. We landed press features for Shaylee in regional & national publications, one of which generated 800+ email addresses for her newsletter. A few months after RIGHT ON TRACK, we noticed she had 180K+ streams on Spotify after landing on a few big playlists. We were excited when she told us her success was a direct result of doing RIGHT ON TRACK.