D I Y   S E R V I C E S  

Ready to hustle? We'll show you how.

Music PR Crash Course

If you're looking to land press features around your music release(s)
without hiring a publicist, this crash course was created just for you.

Music Promo Crash Course

If you're looking to brand & promote your next music release ASAP, 

our 5-hour "Music Promo Crash Course" is both fast & effective.

Coaching Sessions

Team up with us for a "Jam" Session or "Sidekick" Session

for strategy guides, tools & templates to help take the next step - 

Jam Sessions are one hour and include a visual presentation with templates & Sidekick Sessions are two hours with the presentation, templates & in-the-trenches planning/assistance!  


What you'll learn -

  • How to reveal what sets your music apart so you can stand out

  • A few guiding principles to help make decision-making a LOT easier

  • Our MIX Method approach to help bring your vision to life 

  • Our "Music Release Sequence" to help cover release blind spots 

  • What it means to be "Right On Track" leading up to your release 


What you'll learn - 

  • Branding elements that will help set your music brand apart

  • ​How to make clean, quality graphics without hiring a designer 

  • Ways to create a website without hiring a website designer  ​

  • How to seize opportunities to stand out when you perform live ​

  • How to spice up your music release show to make it memorable


What you'll learn -

  • What P.R. even means 

  • ​Time needed for best results from PR Campaign

  • How to find journalists who want to write about you

  • How to make a strong first impression to journalists 

  • How to write an email that will actually get opened

  • How to get press without hiring a publicist


What you'll learn - 

  • An easy way to think about posting content around a music release  

  • How to figure out what type of content will perform best for your band 

  • How to create content easily instead of pretending it doesn’t exist

  • How to plan & schedule posts so you can socialize while you sleep

  • How to get in front of new fans and engage the fans you have 


What you'll learn -

  • How to identify playlists relevant to your song/style

  • How to find curators for playlists your "perfect fans" like most 

  • ​How to contact curators in charge of playlists where you want to be

  • ​How to keep track of info for playlists & curator contact information 

  • What to put in your email so curators actually open it 

  • ​How to maximize opportunity when you get a feature 


What you'll learn - 

  • How to create promotional content that'll speak to your "perfect fans"  

  • Ways to promote your event both online & in relevant communities 

  • Creative ways to spark interest in the areas where you'll be playing

  • Free ways to build a buzz around your event and build momentum 

  • Strategies to identify brands and key players to be part of your efforts 


What you'll learn -

  • How to create a solid first impression for booking agents, digitally 

  • Ways to identify venues who are on the hunt for acts just like yours

  • Hacks to speed up your search efforts when looking for venues

  • Organizational tools to help you plan a tour & keep track of details 

  • Ways to connect with bands to put together a killer local/touring set 

  • What to put in your email & EPK so the right people pay attention  


What you'll learn -

  • Easy ways to think about paid + earned media tactics for growth 

  • Free strategies to put your music brand in front of potential fans

  • Paid strategies to help accelerate your audience growth (#'s) online  

  • How to make the most of your existing resources to create content 

  • Ways to maximize opportunity online & onstage to grow your fanbase

  • Creative ways to spark engagement with new & existing audiences


What you'll learn -

  • How to identify potential brand partners that make sense for your brand  

  • What materials you'll want to compile to make a good first impression 

  • How to package your brands offerings to make a compelling "ask"  

  • What to expect from a partnership and how to negotiate the terms 

  • Creative ways to maximize opportunity through brand partnerships 


What you'll learn -

  • What key insights are relevant to you before you make an ad 

  • How to navigate Facebook to find what you actually need to use 

  • Hacks to get insider data & descriptions about your perfect fan

  • How to create an ad from scratch using resources you already have

  • How to run a campaign effectively to get the best results possible