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"I thought changing my name would help me let go of history... but it stayed with me like a memory."

When she changed her name in 2016, removing "burwell" was her way of trying to pretend the past didn't happen... without a real way to erase it, time is starting reveal beauty in a mysterious way. ​

To date, burwell has shared music as half of a folk duo and one-third of a pop trio; within both groups, she's written a number of songs, a few of which are released while many remain hidden. Songs she's written have been placed in feature films, showcased at the Richmond International Film Festival and her work has been celebrated through features online, in print, on TV and on the radio.

While the road to chase her dreams has been met with moments of triumph & resistance, her love for music & playing with words remains the same. The writer of song lyrics which one reviewer described as "ballet grace with poetic devotion," she feels it's time to dust off the past to see what's underneath.

h i g h l i g h t s

  • Relient K re-shared her "be my escape" cover 
  • 8,500+ songs licensed for original tunes
  • SoundCloud Streams: 284,155 
  • Spotify Streams: 302,125
  • Video Streams: 40,300+
  • 6 original songs in a full-length feature film
  • Richmond International Film Festival Performer
  • Wrote jingle for Chesapeake Bank 
  • Won a Telly Award winner for bank jangle 
  • Taught "songwriting" at Mary & Francis Camp 
  • Songwriting Residency with Kid Pan Alley 
  • Performed Writers Round at Belcourt Taps
  • Partnered with the Riverfront Canal Cruises & held "Boat Shows" - sold out our 1st one
  • Playlist placement includes Alexrainbirdmusic, Indie Feed & The Indie Folx
  • Featured on WRIR 97.3FM & WDCE 90.1FM
  • Performed at In Your Ear's Shockoe Sessions 

v e n u e s

  • Jammin' Java

  • The Broadberry

  • The Tin Pan

  • The Camel

  • Ashland Coffee & Tea

  • Cafe Caturra

  • The Mott Gallery

  • Manakin Market

  • Chesterfield Berry Farm 

  • The Wine Loft

  • Rare Old Times

  • Urban Farmhouse

  • Capital Ale House

  • Southern Railway Taphouse

  • Belcourt Taps 

  • Triple Crossing 

p r e s s

Featured Artist of the Day

- Indie Music Women

"...breathy, sweet vocals from burwell, floating alongside a plucky acoustic guitar... poetic and introspective... Warmth and purpose shine through the song as Burwell’s unique sound takes over, bringing depth and a fresh take on the classic love song... Burwell has nailed the formula for must-listen-to, and ‘Can’t Stop’ finds her at a raw and beautiful beginning in this new phase of her career."
- Alternative Sound

"...full of love and longing and is presented with a vulnerability rarely heard in the pop genre... It is a breath of fresh air to have an artist who has such intimate music willing to share some of the shadows of the past in order to help us shed light on our own futures." 

- LeClair Studios

"She currently plays under the moniker burwell, a tribute to a family name that she originally tried to leave in the past. By releasing music under the name burwell, it shows that she, too, has grown and evolved."
- Black is the New AP Style

"With its upbeat tempo delicately infused with burwell’s silky vocals, this summer ditty gives a whole new meaning to feel good music." 
- The Urban Twist "

"...a shot of youthful energy." 
- Underground Music Collective


"...percipient songwriting & resolute melodies offered up in front of an expansive electronica backdrop...the percussive melody provides glancing blows allowing the lyrics and vocals to provide the real punch. As the chorus fills in the space of the sonically bare song, the trio unveils their indelible message through a glissading vocal line and powerful words."

- The Auricular 

"...a beautiful marriage of voice, lyrics, and musicianship. The seemingly effortless harmonies and melodies combine to become a single force that carries the listener off on a voyage across uncharted waters to a place where one could simply loose themselves in peaceful reflection." 

RVA Music Scene

Selected "Best of Music" on Virginia This Morning on CBS 6 for 2015.

"...dazzling harmonies and passionate folk music..." 

- The Auricular 

"With ballet grace and poetic devotion, the song floats along the duo’s impeccable musical chemistry...."

"Delicate and nimble, it takes slender sonic ideas and stretches them with melodic passion and prudence to create something deeply resonant, and instantly memorable. Like their previous work, it contains a melody that will be stuck in your head for days on end, but with its elegant structure and charming core, it’s a hook you won’t mind singing and humming over and over and over again." 

- The Auricular 

"...music that gracefully moves from rustic guitar plucking to swaying strumming propped up by a delicately understated rhythm section. At the end, the two come together in a series of serene harmonies concluding the song with inspired hope much like the feeling of new love."

- RVA Magazine 

-Can't Stop Feature - That Buzzing Sound

-Interview - VENTS Magazine

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