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If you’ve been wanting to get featured in press outlets without spending a fortune, we don’t blame you! Through our proven 3-part process, we can assure you landing regional & even national press features (without hiring a publicist!) is truly possible… & we have press success stories to prove it!

Whether you’re on a budget, in a time crunch or simply don’t want to rely on someone else to get press for you or your music, MUSIC PRESS SUCCESS will provide you with tools & tactics that will help you see media coverage. This course is extremely visual, immersive and tactical so you will leave feeling confident about what you need to do next with everything you need to succeed. 

"I saw an immediate response and got
coverage I never would have otherwise!"

-Noah Scalin, League of Space Pirates


Xylo Aria, Founder of Music
Production for Women

"I could not recommend Music Press Success enough. We put some of the principles she teaches into action to promote a documentary and got the highest e-mail open rates we've ever received as well as 6 press features in 6 great publications with hopefully more to come! Whitney helps to make topics really accessible and approachable which musicians can sometimes avoid due to feeling overwhelmed when thinking about them."

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Charlie Harris,
Artist & Producer

"I truly had no idea what I was missing out on before this course. For an independent artist, PR is costly and not an immediate focus. Whitney was able to distill the most important aspects of their knowledge and experiences into an easy-to-follow, affordable program complete with helpful resources, templates and future support. I now have a thorough introduction to PR, and plenty of tips, tricks, and practices to move forward with my work."


Paul Reisler, Kid Pan
Alley Artistic Director

“I’ve never come across anyone so knowledgeable and clear about marketing and who is able to transmit that information to others. Whitney is a master teacher.”

  • You have a compelling music story you want people to discover.

  • You've thought about hiring a publicist but can’t bring yourself to justify the expense. 

  • You've read about PR online but find all of the information overwhelming. 

  • You're in a time crunch with your release coming up & need results... STAT.  


  • An understanding about how to get press for your own music & related stories.

  • The ability to share your music stories without relying on a publicist to tell it for you. 

  • Proven strategies to figure out what journalists would cover music stories like yours.

  • An understanding about how to craft a press release that illustrates the heart behind your story. 

  • An understanding about how to write and send emails that will actually get opened.

  • Strategies to help you organize PR campaigns so you can save time sending emails.  



PART 1 - Strategy 

  • Learn how to discover new music outlets that are constantly seeking new music content 

  • Learn how to identify relevant journalists who will be interested in your music story 

  • Learn how to find contact information so you can put your content in front of the right people 


PART 2 - Preparation 

  • Learn how to craft a press release that tells your music story in a way that will resonate with readers 

  • Learn how to write headlines that highlight your angle in a way that will stand out to media outlets 

  • Learn how to organize campaign-related content & build your media list for easy reference 


PART 3 - Connection 

  • Learn how to write subject lines that stand out in over-saturated email inboxes 

  • Learn how to write emails that help establish need-to-know information for media outlets 

  • Learn how to help solidify press features & keep track so nothing gets lost in the shuffle 

  • Learn efficient email strategies & hacks to help you save time as you make connections 




 Whitney Asher 

 Whitney is the founder of The Marketing Mixtape, a branding & promotions agency that helps musicians connect their music with listeners in a memorable way. Having worked at Capitol Records and iHeartMedia, armed with a Masters Degree in Strategy & Business from the nationally-ranked VCU Brandcenter, Whitney is passionate about helping musicians share their music stories. To date, Whitney has teamed up with grammy-award winning artists including Jason Mraz as well as “The Voice” Contestants, SoundStripe, Xbox, NASCAR, CamelBak & 200+ musicians of all genres & stages of their music journey. With a passion for education, Whitney sits on the Board of Directors for Kid Pan Alley, a nonprofit dedicated to rekindling creativity as a core value in education through collaborative songwriting experiences. The Marketing Mixtape’s mission, “dream fearlessly,” is based on the idea that nothing should stand in the way of a musician with a dream… especially business. 


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