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A Ballad for that

Fill-in-the-Blank Feeling 

December 8, 2020: ...have you ever forgotten the words to a song you really like? In singer/songwriter burwell’s latest track, “be my melody,” she captures the feeling of someone gently reminding you how it goes. Commissioned by a couple for their wedding day in 2016, the original iPhone recording of this song was played as the couple walked down the aisle and later shared their first dance, during the reception; burwell went on to perform this song live on New Year’s Eve of that same year, during her own wedding reception. Set to release December 31st, 2020, “be my melody” is a ballad for anyone who has ever been at a loss for words and might like someone to help them fill in the blanks.  


“As I was reflecting on what felt different about this one,” burwell shares, “it was the feeling of someone having my back... that somebody would be so in tune with me that they could carry the song if I completely forgot how it went.” 


Written alongside Keilan Creech of burwell’s folk duo, “be my melody” has lived as a part of The Tide Rose’s musical repertoire for a number of years. Now a part of burwell’s series, “new songs from the past,” this song pays homage to the duo’s music project, giving it life beyond the raw, iPhone recording. The latest version of “be my melody” features acoustic guitar, harmonies, atmospheric sounds recorded by Keilan Creech intertwined with burwell’s vocals, recorded by Corey Pavlosky of Pipe Dream Studios; this song was mixed by Rich Stine (The Head and The Heart, Joshua James, The Bones of J.R. Jones) and mastered by Sam Kumar Tandon of Rose Quartz Mastering, which gave the song a different kind of dimension. 


To date, burwell has been part of a nautical folk duo and an eclectic-pop trio, each drawing from different parts of her emotions. Within her solo project, so far she’s released “the beginning,” “can’t stop,” “out of place,” a cover of Relient K’s “Be My Escape” and a dance-pop track with UK-based Liam Keegan (Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepson, Sia) called “Forever Young.” Songs burwell has written have been licensed over 9,000 times, placed in feature films, showcased at the Richmond International Film Festival and celebrated through features online, in print, on TV and on the radio, despite her fear of being in the spotlight. 

Admittedly prone to the allure of sad songs, burwell denotes a difference with this song as one of hope. Attune to the tension of tough feelings, “be my melody” takes listeners on a journey “til’ death do us part.” 

“I want listeners to feel hopeful when they hear this song,” burwell reveals " believe the right someone will know how to carry them any time they find themselves adrift and vice versa.” 


Catch "be my melody" on December 31st, 2020 as a part of burwell's "new songs from the past" series, to be continued...




RELEASE DATE: "be my melody" - December 31, 2020

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