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Acoustic-pop Artist Brings Stuffed

Animals to Life with Upbeat Love Song  

April 14, 2020:

On matters of the heart, nothing quite compares to the safety of a daydream. Through upbeat lyrics and wistful undertones, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jamie Jean’s latest track is reminiscent of a crush she had back in her late teens. Inspired by her old diary entries, self-reflection and what she believes could be a casual fear of commitment, Jamie decides it’s better to daydream than get in too deep. Releasing April 3rd, 2020, this chill-pop single and video, “I Can Dream Can’t I?” invites listeners to keep it lighthearted when it comes to love. 


“Why am I like this?” Jamie Jean asks herself, reflecting, “I’m just afraid to show that side, I guess. Dreaming is like a safe place, a safe way to think about things. I spent a lot of time dreaming about things and not really doing them.” 


Written in the midst of a tough season, Jamie’s playful tone in “I Can Dream Can’t I?” depicts a happy vibe, offsetting life’s often-too-serious moments, which each have a time and place. The track was recorded by Nashville-based producer, Cole Phillips, and brought to life visually by Luke Harvey of Moss Flower Pictures. Defying self-inflicted limitations and a need-to-please mentality, the freedom feeling of this track marks a turning point for Jamie’s music. 


Through introspection that has come with the maturity and depth of growing up, Jamie has enjoyed looking at life in a lighter way. She cites her grandmother’s music binder as a source of inspiration for this track, as Jamie will often reference it to spark new song ideas. Notably, she was once accompanied by hit songwriter Roger Cook on her cover of his original song, “I Believe In You,” originally recorded by Don Williams, with help from the gifted Mickey Raphael, Willie Nelson’s longtime harmonica player. Jamie’s last EP, released November 2018, garnered over 140K+ streams, opening doors for Jamie to tour the midwest and play a release show at the Basement in Nashville, TN, where she currently lives. 


Listening closely, one may notice versatility throughout Jamie Jean’s music. Reflecting on her artistry, Jamie Jean looks forward to a fresh new feel with “I Can Dream Can’t I?” to be followed by a second single and a possible EP, this year. 


“...after going through a lot personally over the last five years, I’m not afraid of the things I used to be afraid of,” Jamie shares. “It has allowed me to take life less seriously and most importantly, have a lot more fun making music. I hope this single and future releases reflect that.” 


Check out Jamie’s new single, “I Can Dream Can’t I?” to replace all of the deep stuff with the beauty of a daydream. 


For fans of: Trella, Ella Vos, Sasha Sloan, Gabrielle Aplin




RELEASE DATE: "can't stop (acoustic)" (single) - May 1, 2020 

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