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Forthcoming Single & Music Video By Fallen Roads, “Where She Goes,” 

Reflect the Confusion and Disappointment of Love Literally Gone Astray

January 14th, 2020: Luke Rhodes makes music that delves deeply into universal emotions. With the help of a talented team of collaborators and recording under the aegis of Fallen Roads, he offers an insightful new single titled “Where She Goes,” a song that examines the insecurities and the tangled communication that often accompanies human relationships with all their confusion and complexity.


Due for release on February 7, 2020, “Where She Goes” delivers an emphatic blend of blues and rock that adds a special urgency to the scenario described in the song. It finds the narrator wondering what’s transpired when suddenly, in the midst of a special moment, he says something he thought was absolutely innocuous but which was apparently wrong. It then causes his girlfriend to leave without warning.


The question then becomes, where did she go, either mentally, physically or both? The narrator has no idea and that feeds on his insecurity. He’s sad, unsettled and left to ponder the consequences without being given any clue.


Rhodes illuminates the scenario from a personal perspective: “Have you ever been in the glow of a beautiful moment with the person you love, only to have the lights turned off at the flick of a switch, left to wonder what just happened?”


The video that accompanies “Where She Goes” adds a visual component that provides further intrigue. Working with choreographer Kara Robertson and dancer Kierstin Kratzer, Rhodes offers a dazzling yet demonstrative series of visuals that dramatically and symbolically suggest a sadness and suspense that transpires over the course of a date that disintegrates and is never then resolved. Ultimately, it’s left to the listener to determine what comes next.


“Where She Goes” was recorded with producer, guitarist, bassist and keyboard player Rich Stine, drummer Brian Jones and backing vocalists Erin Lunsford and Buttafly Vasquez. The project is the culmination of a series of musical journeys that has taken Rhodes from hosting live mic nights in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia to sharing his music live at various local venues. 


A former member of a software group called the Ableton User Group, he continues to network with fellow enthusiasts in an ongoing effort to expand his horizons. “I’m always trying to meet new people and figure out where I’m at presently and where I’m trying to go as I venture forward,” Rhodes explains. “If you don’t find what you want in your present circle of associates, you have to create it yourself.”


That’s what he did. After quickly composing the song, he connected with Stine early last year and after completing some pre-production work, the pair went into the studio and recorded. “I wanted to see what kind of producer and collaborator Rich would be,” he explains. “In truth, sound-wise, I tried to come to the studio with only a few 'must haves' in mind so the man could do his work.”



About Luke Rhodes/AKA Fallen Roads:

Rhodes’ early encounters with music involved a disparate blend of classical music, ’90s country, and, as he puts it, “a heavy (and healthy) helping of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Motown.” 


Homeschooled from early on, he was raised in the strict environs of an evangelical Southern Baptist church. He had to wait until his rebellious teenage years to fully explore his musical interests, which b y then included Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, and Sublime. In college, he discovered the music of Led Zeppelin and Rage Against The Machine, which, in turn, led him more recently to Awolnation, Hozier, Black Pistol Fire, and Reignwolf.


Rhode’s writings are often reflective, and sometimes angry or mournful, of a life plagued by religion-induced shame, striving for unattainable perfection and the fear of sin and damnation.  When he isn’t writing about the beliefs that haunt him, he’s writing about the timeless topic of love had and love lost, or improvising a song of undying affection for his dog, which he is fairly certain she reciprocates.

To catch Fallen Roads' new single and video premiere for "Where She Goes," be sure to follow his story.

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, X Ambassadors, Imagine Dragons



RELEASE DATE:  "Where She Goes" (Single + Music Video) - February 7, 2020


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