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Power-Pop Anthem Exposes 

the “Secret” to Being an Adult

May 21, 2020: With each passing birthday, we are faced with a question for how we’ll choose to live: am I too old for this? Through synth-pop swells and soaring vocals that burst into a driving-dance beat, UK-based DJ/Producer Liam Keegan’s latest track featuring synth-pop artist, burwell, reminds us growing up is optional. Inspired by the carefree spirit one might find in a bouncy house, playing arcade games or leaving a fluorescent 9-5, “Forever Young” is an anthem for the child inside all of us. Dropping July 3, 2020, Keegan’s upbeat dance-pop single and accompanying music video will expose the real secret to being an adult: “we make it up as we go.” 


“I was 29 when I realized nobody knows what they’re doing,” Keegan laughs. “Lack of fear is what keeps me young…  it’s borderline stupidity.” 


Written on a weekday that felt more like sneaking out to play hooky, burwell and Keegan count “Forever Young” a place to confidently declare that none of the rules ever mattered. Captured by burwell & artist/producer Corey Pavlosky of Pipe Dream Studios, lyrics and vocals graced Liam Keegan’s artistic mastery, brought to life visually by Daniel Bagbey of OVRBORD Media. As one of the music industry’s leading remixers for commercial dance music in the UK and USA, this track is a turning point for Keegan as a quote-unquote “adult,” but also as an artist. 


After discovering DJing at a house party at 15, Liam Keegan began DJing in college, a precursor to production and music as his full-time gig for 10+ years. Over the past decade, he has worked with the big four major labels (Sony, Universal, EMI, Warner) and commissioned to work with artists including Clean Bandit, Sia, Carly Rae Jepsen, Usher, Kid Ink, Foxes, Selena Gomez, Cobra Starship, Betty Who, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lizzo and Katy Perry, among others. Notably, Keegan’s mix for Carly Rae Jepsen was the 17th track of her album release in Japan that sold over 100K copies, and his tracks have generated millions of streams on both radio and Spotify.


With a career like Keegan’s, one might be surprised to learn he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Reflecting on his childhood of video games, comic books and action-figure t-shirts, Keegan’s ready to admit he really hasn’t changed that much. “I know when I’m an old man, I’ll still be young at heart… I’ll grow up, sure, but I refuse to grow old.” 


Check out Keegan’s new single, “Forever Young,” and celebrate the “secret” to being an adult. 


For fans of: Carly Rae Jepson, Betty Who, The Chainsmokers 





RELEASE DATE: "Forever Young" (single) July 3, 2020; (video) - June 9, 2020

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