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Jason Masi Slows it Down with
new album, "Capture the Heart"

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November 9th, 2018: No one understands “busy” like a DIY musician living in Washington D.C. That’s why Jason Masi decided to craft his newest release, Capture the Heart, with the intent of reminding listeners that the most important things don’t come  from whatever is on their phone screen or calendar, but rather in their connections with other people. "Capture the Heart," to be released on November 30th, comes from a place of familiarity—with over 14 years as a musician, Masi addresses his audience like they’re old friends, trying to take a break from the chaos of everyday life.

“When I was maybe 14, my brother’s friend showed me some chords on guitar. I picked it up enough to learn a few songs.  That became my hobby to wind down and relax, when I needed a break from the competitive environment of sports,” says Masi about his start in music. “When I got to college, I connected with music majors on campus and we started bands.  One of those bands became regular at a local pub and we were able to get in the swing of writing, practicing, and gigging. At that point I was hooked and haven’t looked back since.”


Jason cites the relaxed of energies of artists like Mat Kearney, Amos Lee, Ben Harper, and Marvin Gaye as sources of influence for his musical sound. Capture the Heart was marinated for several years, during which Masi perfected each and every track, funding the album through his live performances. While he was writing and recording, he spent several volunteer hours a week playing for hospitalized veterans in the Stages of Healing Concert Series, where he was able to see firsthand how music can play a role in recovery, especially for those with PTSD.

Boasting performances at the legendary 9:30 club in D.C, as well as a slew of festivals across the Northeast, Masi finds power in playing live, which he’s been doing since 1997. Journalists who have seen him live claim that the music industry has been waiting for an artist like Jason.

Jason saw quite a bit of success with his college band, Jubeus, who opened for artists like Blind Melon, SOJA, and Everclear. Since then, he’s been focusing on his solo career, and has found no less success. With over 5,000 followers on Facebook, as well as placements on hit TV shows like The Young and the Restless, his name is certainly starting to attract attention.

After spending the last few years on Capture the Heart, Masi is thrilled to release it to the world, gearing up for a release show on November 30th at the Tally Ho theater in Leesburg, VA. For him, it feels like every step of his journey—from high school talent shows, to gigging at a pub in college, to his four studio albums—has led to this moment.

“In reflecting on the theme of this album, it’s really about slowing down and being present long enough to enjoy the moments we have in life,” says Masi about Capture the Heart. “In modern times, everything happens so quickly and we get into these routines with work and keeping up with the Jones’s and before we know it our time is up. Life can be filled with so much great stuff, but we have to know how to appreciate and enjoy it. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

To hear this long-awaited album, check out his EPK where you'll also find more background information on Masi:

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