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Singer/Songwriter Kyle Davis Returns With His First New Music in A Decade

Debut Single “Not Broken” Provides A Preview Of Upcoming New Album

Listen: "Stay" + "Not Broken"

May 24th, 2019: “There are times when we are forced to figure things out, both for ourselves and for our children, while attempting to move on and get through the challenges that life often hands us. It’s no easy process and dealing with those difficulties involves a certain amount of emotional stamina. We tend to want to fix everything immediately and often we see things as broken when maybe something’s simply not working and simply in the process of repair.”


That’s Kyle Davis talking about his impetus for writing the song “Not Broken,” his single released on May 10. A song spurred by his own experience as a father, a son and a man coming to grips with what those roles entail, it offers the first preview of the tellingly titled Make It Count, Davis’ long awaited new album coming June 28th, 2019 - before then, his  second single, "Stay," will debut on June 7th, 2019. 


Davis is no stranger to making music of course. He’s recorded a steady string of critically-acclaimed albums over the course of his career, earning praise from any number of pundits in the process. He later put his musical career on hold so he could focus on his family. Even though “Not Broken” and Make It Count mark his first new music in a decade, it’s immediately apparent that the wait was well worth it. 


“The inspiration for making this record and renewing my desire to make music lies in the essence of the songs themselves,” the Richmond Virginia-based singer and songwriter suggests. “That made the entire process extremely cathartic. I feel like I’m more equipped than ever to write about the changes and challenges I’ve dealt with in the past. It can be difficult, but as Einstein once said, ‘Life is like a bicycle; to keep your balance you have to keep moving.’ This is my way of doing just that.”


Indeed, the drive and determination that echoes through the vibrant refrain of “Broken” reflects the passion imbued on the upcoming album. Produced by Stewart Myers and Scott Lane, with strings arranged by Calvin Brown, Make It Count features Daniel Clark on organ, piano, and whirly, guitarists Charles Arthur, Mike Durham, Carter Gravatt and Scott Lane, violinist Naima Burrs, cellist Schuler Slack, drummers Pinson Chanselle, Nate Cowings and John O’Reilly and Stewart Myers and Scott Lane on bass. Davis himself sang lead vocals and played acoustic guitar.


Make It Count represents the second chapter of a career that was nurtured early on. Davis grew up in a home where music was a constant presence. His grandmother and his aunts played piano and sang gospel songs. His father and brother strummed guitars. As a toddler he would walk around the living room pretending to sing into whatever he pretended was a microphone. 


“Ever since I can remember, I’ve felt a deep connection to music,” Davis recalls. “I’d listen to my parents’ records and feel deeply moved by the emotions those artists expressed. I still feel that way even today.”


That sheer exhilaration led to a career that netted Davis' success early on. He began recording in his early 20s, spawning a string of albums -- Kyle Davis, Waiting For You, Raising Heroes, Don’t Tell the World, and River City Gang -- that effectively expressed a keen sense of melody, infectious energy and hooks that sank in quickly and refused to let go. His single “God Love Me,” released by Universal Records, became both a fan favorite and critical sensation. Billboard magazine called him “One of the best unsigned artists.” Rolling Stone gave his eponymous debut four stars. In addition, several of his songs were included in various television soundtracks -- among them, CSI, One Tree Hill and Joan of Arc. At the same time, he also found himself sharing stages with Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Shawn Colvin, Blues Traveler, Joe Cocker, ZZ Top, Counting Crows, Hall & Oates, John Prine, Eddie Money, the Wallflowers, and Sheryl Crow. 


These days, Davis is more eager than ever to rekindle his career and still inspired by his love of music and a desire to reconnect with his muse. “The industry’s changed considerably,” he muses. “For that matter, we live in a different world as well. But the one thing that remains the same is my desire to share meaning through my music and hopefully find that common bond that connects us all.”

To hear Kyle's debut single, "Not Broken," visit his EPK where you'll also find more background information on Davis:

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RELEASE DATE:  "Stay" (single) - June 7th, 2019; Make It Count (album) - June 28th, 20119


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