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Singer/Songwriter Lends Listeners a 

Roadmap Inspired by Real-Life Lessons

July 28, 2020: When everything is “just fine” for too long, it could feel as though you’re riding in the passenger seat of your own life. This feeling describes what singer/songwriter Lyn Koonce experienced at the tailend of a seventeen-year relationship in 2016, which - in hindsight - was a turning point she didn’t know she needed. With a history of teaching, Koonce’s decision to pursue music full-time was met with newfound strength, independence and purpose; now in a new, healthy relationship that aligns with her core values, she feels like she’s finally behind the wheel. In her full-length album, “Begin Again,” set to release August 28, 2020, Koonce lends listeners a roadmap inspired by real-life lessons. 


“A huge part of this album is finding the truth of who I am and what I settled for,” Koonce shares. “When I started to believe in who I am as an artist & as a person, that’s when it became clear.”   


While ‘letting go’ is certainly a part of Koonce’s story, like leaving her main gig at a radio station to pursue music, the underlying theme within her songs is the hope of new beginnings. Key details live within her lyrics, like those of “These Days,” which say “The truth washed over me when I got still.” Every song on “Begin Again,” with the exception of “If I Needed You” by Townes Van Zandt, is an original written by Koonce and brought to life with a top-notch team of collaborators. This winning line-up includes Singer/Songwriter/Producer Amy Speace, Songwriter/Engineer Thom Jutz (Nanci Giffith), Pianist Jen Gunderman (Sheryl Crow), Fiddle player Justin Moses (Dan Tyminsky), acclaimed Nashville Drummer, Evan Huthcings (Escondido), Keys/Accordion Player Barry Walsh who tours with (and is married to) Gretchen Peters, plus, Grammy-award-winning Upright Bass Player Mark Fain. 


Connecting with her audience is as much a theme as bringing people together with one another. As the founder and director of Harmony Music School, which provides music lessons and instruments to underserved youth, Koonce enjoys building relationships and community around music, in general. Throughout her music career, her songs have reached new communities as she’s shared the stage with the Indigo Girls (Piedmont Hall in Greensboro, 2020), Amy Speace (Isis Music Hall in Asheville and The Evening Muse in Charlotte), David Jacob Strain, Emily Scott Robinson, played regularly at the Big Purple Music Venue and Doodad Farm and performed live at venues across the country through cities in Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, California and Seattle. Beyond the stage, Koonce won American Songwriter Magazine’s Lyric Contest with “The River,” and has been described as a “must-see, can’t-forget musician.” 


A champion of Koonce’s music journey, Dean Driver of Doodad Farm music venue notes, “Her thoughtful songwriting, combined with powerful vocals and ever-expanding mastery of the guitar, come together to make her performances compelling to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.” 


Catch Lyn Koonce’s debut album, “Begin Again,” on August 28th, 2020 and be sure to follow her journey on social media for endless inspiration; with her album as a roadmap, there’s no telling where the road ahead may take you. 

For fans of: Amy Speace, Garrison Starr, Indigo Girls 



RELEASE DATE: "Begin Again" (album) - August 28th, 2020, ("Begin Again" Music Video) - September 4, 2020   

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