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New Rock Song Takes a

Ride Away From Religion 

December 21, 2020: Imagine you’ve been standing in line for an amusement park ride when you finally make your way to the front and... nothing happens. Drawing from this feeling, “No Ride” by rock artist Luke Rhodes of Fallen Roads details what it’s been like for him to look back on his former Christian faith with newfound perspective. Further, by unpacking a religious path that proved stifling for him personally, Luke has found freedom in music. While acknowledging the ways religion can effect positive change for some, “No Ride” serves as a safe place for recovering believers. 


Sometimes you’ve got to step back and wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing, and question everything,” Luke explains asking, “What are you giving away? Does it make sense?” 


“No Ride” is the final version of many fragments and phrases abandoned on Google Drive, masterfully co-written with Amber Kamminga. Produced by Rich Stine (The Head and The Heart, Joshua James, The Bones of J.R. Jones), this song features drums by Brian Jones, bass by Logan Davis and backing vocals by Buttafly Vasquez. A self-proclaimed “odd” amalgamation of musical influences including classical, motown, CCR, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine and 90’s country, Luke is excited-but-admittedly-nervous to reveal his new music.


To date, Fallen Roads has released their debut single and music video for “Where She Goes,” harnessing attention from a number of news and media outlets; the band’s work has been praised by 100% Rock Magazine, Underground Music Collective, The Honey Pop, The Fountain, VENTS and The Hype Magazine, among others. Noteworthy live performances have taken place at The Camel and Hardywood in Richmond, VA and Ottobar, in Baltimore, MD. While 2020 plans were hindered, Fallen Roads plans to release 5+ new songs in 2021 while creating new material. As for the band’s next release, “No Ride,” Luke sees it as something that’s good for him and hopefully good for his listeners, too. 


“For people who have walked away, I’m hoping it’s triumphant, defiant,” he explains. “I feel both of these emotions when it comes to my departure from the stifling belief system that I was raised in and I’m sure I’m not alone.”


About Luke Rhodes/AKA Fallen Roads:


Fallen Roads is the musical project of singer/songwriter Luke Rhodes. A primarily solo project, with a knack for finding great collaborators to bring his ideas to life.

Luke grew up steeped in a disparate sonic concoction of classical music, 90’s country, and a heavy (and healthy) helping of CCR and Motown. Homeschooled and sheltered in the stifling arms of an evangelical Southern Baptist church, it wasn’t until the rebellious teen years that he began to delve into the truly sinful and purely carnal rock music of NIN, Nirvana, and Sublime. His college/drunk years introduced him to the gods of the rock genre, with a years long obsession with the iconic Led Zeppelin and Rage Against The Machine, that still rears its head from time to time (particularly on road trips). His more recent musical addictions include Awolnation, Hozier, Black Pistol Fire, and Reignwolf

Luke’s writings are often reflective, and sometimes angry or mournful, of a life plagued by religion induced shame, striving for unattainable perfection, and the fear of sin and damnation.  When he isn’t writing about the beliefs that haunt him, he’s writing about the timeless topic of love had and love lost, or improvising a song of undying affection for his dog, which he is fairly certain she reciprocates. If not, he hopes to never find out, because it would ruin him.

If you like things that he makes, please send whisk(e)y and/or indestructible dog toys.




RELEASE DATE: "No Ride" - January 29, 2021

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