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Haunting Track Leaves
Hard Feelings Unspoken  


October 21, 2020: When you’re processing hard feelings, holding them back can be painful. In a new-but-old song, singer/songwriter burwell reflects on a day she caught up with her father, but hid real thoughts behind really empty phrases... words about the weather and throwaway work updates, but nothing truly personal. Set to release November 6, 2020, “out of place” gives listeners permission to say nothing when their words can barely even scratch the surface. 


“...I think some things are safer left unspoken, at least for a time,” burwell reflects. “Learning how and where to process my own feelings has been an important lesson.” 


Written alongside singer/songwriter Keilan Creech in 2016, “out of place” was produced in Nashville, TN. Brought to life through production by Soundstripe founders Travis Terrell and Micah Sannan, it was originally part of The Tide Rose’s unreleased EP, “Lost Together.” With a number of songs that remain hidden, burwell is unpacking the boxes of both her music and personal history through a nostalgic song series entitled “new songs from the past.” 


To date, burwell has been part of a nautical folk duo and an eclectic-pop trio, each tapping into different parts of her emotions. Within her solo project, so far she’s released “the beginning,” “can’t stop,” a cover of Relient K’s “Be My Escape” and a dance-pop track with Liam Keegan called “Forever Young” which, she admits, felt “very out of character.” Songs she’s written have been placed in feature films, showcased at the Richmond International Film Festival and her work has been celebrated through features online, in print, on TV and on the radio. 


Despite her music history, burwell says it’s never felt this personal. After eliminating “burwell” as her second middle name in 2016, she realized trying to undo or forget who we are is often more tragic than actually remembering, or giving ourselves space to find true healing. With “out of place,” she’s taking a shaky step forward to finally grieve the past by processing it, musically. 


“I want listeners to give themselves permission to have emotions they don’t know how to verbalize,” burwell explains. “Family-related feelings can be especially hard to navigate, and that’s okay.” 

Don't miss "out of place" on November 6th, 2020 as a part of burwell's "new songs from the past" series, to be continued...




RELEASE DATE: 'out of place" - November 6th, 2020

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