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“Unring The Bell” is an

Anthem to Adjourn 2020 

December 10, 2020:  Shattering new year's resolutions from all sides, 2020 rang like a glass bell falling down the staircase. Fueled by faith in love’s ability to cancel out crises, singer/songwriter Andy Edmunds invites listeners to experience healing, even when it seems impossible. In a homemade music video featuring personal iPhone footage, Edmunds highlights a feeling of resounding tension overcome by love; authentic moments include the adoption of his two children from Ghana, a handmade “LOVE” sign they built at the orphanage there and their family in Christmas pajamas, with “It’s a Wonderful Life” playing in the background. Set to release on December 21st, 2020, “Unring The Bell” reminds listeners of the redemptive power of love.  


“I want people to feel hopeful,” Edmunds shares. “Anything that seems insurmountable, through faith, friendship and love… any bell can be unrung.” 


Written by Edmunds in response to a time of personal crisis, musician and producer Jody Boyd is the lifelong friend who encouraged Edmunds to go back to where his heart has always been: music. Having played live shows together at Kings Dominion, in Richmond-based bands including Spectrum and No Small Feat, “Unring The Bell” brings Boyd and Edmunds’ music-infused friendship full circle. The song features Andy Edmunds on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jody Boyd on drums, keys and strings, Keith Horne on bass, Charles Arthur on dobro, Jeff Midkiff on mandolin, John McNiel on electric guitar and Marna Bales on vocals; produced and mixed at Red Amp Audio, this song was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, by Miles Showell (The Beatles, Queen, Eric Clapton, The Cranberries, among others). 


Beyond early success in Edmunds’ music career, including music video features on MTV and Nickelodeon for his song entitled “Hard to Make a Living,” his passion for film has been prevalent. As Director of the globally-recognized Virginia Film Office where he’s worked with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Terrence Malick, Ridley Scott and other high-profile artists, Edmunds values the beauty of storytelling. Also a Vice President of the Virginia Tourism Corporation, a common thread of love is woven throughout his work in phrases like “Virginia is for Lovers” and more specifically, “film lovers.”


As 2020 comes to a close, it’s possible many wish for a reset to ring in a brand-new year. As we all say goodbye and seek healing, “Unring The Bell” is an anthem to adjourn 2020.

In Edmunds words, “Love will get you through anything.”

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RELEASE DATE: "Unring The Bell" - December 21st, 2020



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