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Whitney, CEO & Strategist
On paper, I have a Masters Degree in business & strategy from the nationally-ranked VCU Brandcenter, mixed with industry insight from working at iHeart Media, Capitol Records & various PR + advertising agencies. Off paper, I'm insatiably passionate about music & translating boring business stuff into a fun (& effective!) experience. I'm driven by a desire to help musicians unlock their unique 'vibe' in a way that feels 100% true & natural for them -- the musician's peace of mind is my priority.
David, COO & Comic Relief Officer
I'm helplessly curious, quickly fascinated by a wide variety of topics, and I love to tinker and make things better. This led me to studying languages, a 4-year tour in the military, and an MBA at the University of Richmond. I pull all of this together with intense interest in the power of music and human potential. I nerd out over 90's music in all of its cheesy glory, will listen to the same song 100+ times and regularly scour the internet for my next anthem.
Lee, Music Writer
Lee Zimmerman is an accomplished writer, blogger and reviewer. A resident of Maryville Tennessee, he contributes to several publications, both locally and nationally. A music obsessive by definition, he owns too many albums to count and numerous musical instruments he’s yet to learn. He’s proud to say that his first book -- Americana Music -- Voices, Visionaries & Pioneers of an Honest Sound -- was recently published by Texas A&M University Press. Sample his work at:
Kelly, Jr. Publicist
As a fan-turned-photographer, I’ve never lacked passion for live music and artistry. I spend my breaks from studying Communication, Marketing, and Events Management at ASU as a touring photographer and tour manager, so believe me when I say I understand the DIY hustle! PR, photography, writing, and social media have become my main gigs, but I have no problem squeezing into whatever role will help a client the most— I believe in working smarter AND harder!
Zavi, Strategist
I’m a Richmond-native with a background in marketing and web design in the non-profit sector and currently seeking a master’s in branding strategy at VCU’s Brandcenter. As a musician in a touring band, I’m in touch with the needs of independent musicians and I embrace a DIY approach that aims to develop strategies that work a band’s strengths to help musicians progress in their career! This is what I'm listening to right now:
Natalie, Digital Diva
I’m a college student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill studying Media and Journalism— but my real passion revolves around music. When I am not studying, I can most likely be found singing or playing guitar. I love discovering new music and finding unique ways to help artists share their craft! I’m currently listening to:
Jonathan, Creative Director
I have my masters degree in branding, more specifically art direction (which is just a fancy way of saying design). The passion of my clients is what really inspires me to keep designing. So from logo design, to posters, my passion comes from creating a powerful and recognizable brand through my favorite medium: design.
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