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It's one thing to say, "Hey! My music is amazing," but it's next-level for a legit news source to say, "Hey! This artist's music is amazing." For this reason (& countless others!) we think public relations is a really good way for musicians to create a buzz around their upcoming music releases & events! Thankfully, we synced up with Brendon Goldwasser, Senior Editor of GroundSounds, to ask some of our most pressing questions about press coverage. ;) Read on to get the inside scoop!

What’s your favorite song right now?

I can’t stop playing “Need You” from Flight Facilities. That song just grooves so hard! I’m also really enjoying the new single “If Only I Could Sleep” from Copenhagen group The New Investors.

How did you get into the music industry?

It seemed like the only path from a young age, so naturally I surrounded myself with other music-obsessed friends growing up and with the help of my parents’ record collection and the CD’s my siblings had, I developed a really wide range of influences and just knew I had to dive deeper into that scene, so I picked up a bass, then a guitar, then I learned about recording and business at Full Sail University.

Honest talk - did you ever play in a band yourself & if so, what was your biggest accomplishment?

Haha, yes! I did! I played in a band in college called The Sweet Jones Family Band. We played lots of funk, soul, hip-hop, and rock. I also played solo a lot growing up and when I first moved to LA. I used my middle name, so…Brendon Ross (or Don Ross as my friends from college would say). I played the open mic scene out here and it was enjoyable, but also tough!

Whats your role at Ground Sounds?

My role is Senior Editor. We all wear lots of different hats, though! I also run and manage a lot of our social strategy. I’m also always looking for ways to partner up with like-minded people.

What’s the story behind Ground Sounds - what sparked its foundation?

Our founder, Jon Berrien, founded GroundSounds when he was living in Los Angeles. He was essentially tired of the barriers to entry, so decided to pick up a mic and get out on the street and “grind” himself. From there, he grew the team by posting on craigslist and other places. I found it randomly through Facebook I believe and met him when he was out in LA a few years ago. Once we realized we were both from the same city in Ohio, it was like destiny, and we talk every week now pretty much.

What are some of the coolest things about your job?

I love that I get to help emerging artists get seen and heard and it’s cool that I get to go to a lot shows, industry showcases, private listening parties, studios sessions, etc. I love all aspects of the creative process and I’ve always wanted to be active in the scene, moving from one environment to another. I also love the whole team and the people who help grow and build the GS brand every day. They make it fun.

What’s something not-so-glamorous about what you do every day?

Looking at the insights on our social pages, as well as the site and trying to use that info to adapt and keep pushing forward. We want to keep being the best place to discover emerging music and art, while also experimenting and partnering with new platforms. It’s an exciting time.

How do you guys discover new artists or music at Ground Sounds?

We really like to discover new sounds in a multitude of ways. We all definitely get a fair share of PR emails sent our way, but outside of that, our team members have their own, individual ways of digging for new music. Personally, I like to get just as much music from the artists and producers directly as I do from the PR folks. I also still do plenty of digging on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and 8tracks.

What are some of the best ways for artists to get on your radar?

The best way is to probably message us on Instagram or FB, we also have a submit page on the site (

What do you think about press releases - outdated or necessary & why?

A little bit of both maybe! Some formats can be outdated, but the necessity to have all vital info about an artist or event in one place with all the proper background and links is a great thing.

Emails - how many do you get per day, on average?

Probably 20-30, some days are less than others and Fridays are usually wild.

What’s your view on artists pitching their own music/stories vs. someone pitching on an artist’s behalf?

I’m cool with it either way! If the music is solid, I’m glad that it found its way to me, no matter what.

Any advice for musicians in today’s industry?

Focus on the music and the art first, always. If that is your calling, then practice, practice, practice, play live for strangers, for family, for friends, for yourself, experiment, test things, practice more, and never get comfortable. There is always room for improvement. Oh, and you better have fun doing it or what’s the point? Also, define what your success looks like to you and never judge other bands or artists for where they are in their career. Good luck out there! For more info about how The Marketing Mixtape can help YOU get press coverage, visit our services page. <3

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