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Ben Mason Reframes The Boundaries of Artistry in “Beautiful Mistakes” Music Video

At the crossroads of sight and sound, Ben Mason has merged his passion for both audio and visual art is his music video for “Beautiful Mistakes.” Mason, a music-industry veteran and mixed media constructionist, features his own artwork in the video, demonstrating how “happy accidents” can yield newfound beauty. Mason’s musical collaborations with industry legends, including Steuart Smith of The Eagles, and his groundbreaking artwork, are culminated in his latest masterpiece.

Ben Mason

Beautiful Mistakes: The Meaning

“Beautiful Mistakes,” from the album, Flesh and Bone, is a testament to both Mason’s multifaceted creativity and his understanding of self. Mason guides listeners and viewers through a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and optimism.

In “Beautiful Mistakes,” Mason embraces obstacles as opportunities, explaining, “A relationship that ends badly can become the canvas one scrapes open to discover who one truly is… [T]he beautiful mistake that got me here divorced me in 2003 and gave me the opportunity to understand this opportunity. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have two incredible sons. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have this achingly beautiful solitude to create my work. ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ is how beauty survives.” For Mason, life’s mistakes have provided both the beauty of wisdom and the acceptance of his truth.

Flesh and Bone - Ben Mason

Beautiful Mistakes: The Artwork

Mason’s definition of artistry is not limited to songwriting, and his artistic endeavors perfectly complement the meaning behind his latest single. “The mistakes I make in the art studio are how layers and textures create the mysteries that are often complicated messes that delight the viewer as he/she unwinds them visually.” For Mason, the captivating “Beautiful Mistakes” video is proof that he has learned to look beyond the surface, to trust himself for better or worse, and to create maps and mazes of where he’s been and still needs to go.

As he reframes the boundaries of what it means to be an artist, in any industry, Mason inspires a different understanding of the multidimensional nature of artistic expression: one size does not fit all. He is not afraid to explore whichever medium or mode best reflects his intended narrative. As demonstrated by “Beautiful Mistakes,” the result is often a more in-depth experience for audiences.

Woman in the Waves - Ben Mason

Artistic Inspiration & Location

Mason relocated from Washington, D.C.’s crowds to the peaceful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There, he creates his “songs, art, and stories on sacred land, and feels the passage of those who came before [him] in the stone tools, jasper arrowheads, and clay pottery slipping down the river banks.”

For Mason, the solitude of his remote home has fueled his artistry. Living on the site of an ancient Native American village, in earshot of the Thornton River, Mason is inspired by the local landscape. “The sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains reminds me how little time we have and how ancient this place is. It inspires me like no place ever has, it gives me the chance to hear myself wondering, and it gives me answers to questions I didn’t realize I’d asked.”

Group Shot - Ben Mason

The Ben Mason Experience

The Ben Mason Experience is Mason’s invitation to listeners and viewers to experience songs and artwork alike, with hopes that, by sharing his experiences, others will find comfort in the collective experience he wishes to share.

“I’m hopefully giving viewers and listeners the opportunity to find their own vision, to hear their own callings, to see beyond the normal and to sing along with music they didn’t hear before.”

To be sure, the beauty of Mason’s wisdom, perspective, and artistry are no mistake.

Ben Mason's Music Video for Beautiful Mistakes

Learn more about the Ben Mason Experience at

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