Artist Exclusive // Jason Masi

If you thrive on inspiration, we think you'll love our friend, Jason Masi. It's our joy to feature him in this "Artist Exclusive" post, crafted to give you a few words that will encourage you on YOUR music journey!

Jason's vibe:

Chill acoustic adult contemporary singer/songwriter rock. It has elements of folk & R&B as well. I’d say my music would appeal to folks who like Ben Harper, Ray LaMontagne, Mumford & Sons, and John Mayer. I try to write a mixture of songs that are easy to listen to for various occasions. Sipping wine, long drives, dancing in your living room, listening in a club, cooking dinner, falling in love, winding down after a long day...

Where Jason finds inspiration:

Music has always been and is the best form of life therapy for me. It's my meditation. It's what makes me feel better when I'm having a rough day. It's what helps me relax when I'm stressed out. It's what gets me pumped when I need an adrenaline rush. It's what makes me sad when I need an emotional cleanse.

I started playing/writing when I was a teenager going through teenage stuff and needed an escape from the angst, competition, and uncertainty of growing up. It spiraled from there and I became obsessed with the process of starting with nothing and creating something that could be performed, listened to, and that brings people together. For many years now, I've made my living with music, but it's still remained my passion. I still love the smell of my guitar when I pull it out of my case to write in the morning. I love the feeling when the lightbulb comes on when I've been struggling with an idea that finally starts coming together. I love collaborating with musicians and friends in the studio to see small ideas come to fruition and become bigger and better than anything I could create on my own. I love when a fan comes up to me after a show and says that song you wrote changed my life. I love seeing people sing my songs back to me in the audience. I'm on earth for a little time and then I'll likely be forgotten. I only want to do something with my time that feels worthwhile and gives a little something more than it takes away to those I'm in contact with. Music is what I find meets that objective the most for me.

Jason's advice for musicians:

Find your thing. Be honest and true with yourself. Maybe you are the next Ed Sheeran, maybe you are a music director at a local school, maybe you are the side man at a local pub every Friday night, maybe you’re behind the scenes as a producer/writer or some combination. Whatever the journey, it is uniquely yours. Learn from those around you, but don’t compare your career to others too much unless you are trying to learn from them. Just do your thing and be you and give 110% always. Don’t get down from rejection, as it will likely happen a lot. Always show up. Surround yourself with people who are smarter and more talented than you.

Get to know Jason:

Follow my social media accounts and come out to shows! Follow me on to find out when I’m in your area.

My media accounts are:

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