Sidekick Spotlight // Zavi

Zavi's vibe: My vibe is anything between cheery indie-pop to dark industrial warehouse techno. When I write songs on guitar I’ll be creating songs in a similar vein to Manchester Orchestra, Tame Impala or Better Oblivion Community Center. On the production side of things, my sounds are inspired by artists such as Mount Kimbie, Burial and Bibio.

Where Zavi finds inspiration:

I tend to find inspiration consistently from a few different sources. I’m really aesthetically driven as an artist and finding labels and artists who have just got a beautiful contemporary aesthetic downpat always inspires me to work harder on pushing an attractive and consistent brand with my own bands. One of my favorite labels aesthetically at the moment is Ghostly International based out of NY.

On the musical side of things, I’m really inspired by the all sounds I can create from all the various guitar pedals coming out over the past years. With social media, the pedal industry has boomed similarly to the craft beer industry and there are so many innovative companies creating pedals that help musicians create unheard of sounds before. With certain pedals I can just push buttons and turn knobs for hours at a time and create some unbelievably inspiring textures and sounds that usually end up in my music.

Zavi's advice for musicians:

The music is the most important thing, but don’t forget about making connections and marketing. I say this because you can make all the connections in the world and be a master of marketing but if your music is not recorded properly and isn’t enjoyable to listen to, none of that will matter. Make sure you take the time to develop a great sound and can create an amazing product that people will love. The connections and marketing will come easy if you can be proud of what you created- essentially, the other stuff will come if the music is there.

Another big thing is to make sure you are going out and participating in your local music community. I’ve met some of my bands biggest advocates by playing some incredibly empty venues here in Richmond and by going out supporting other local bands in town. These connections have helped my bands land bigger and higher paying shows then us simply putting music out on the internet. Real human connection will always be a huge resource at all levels of your musical career.

Finally, when you start making friends in the community don’t be afraid to use your connections to ask about getting help. If you don’t ask chances are it’s going to go to someone else, whether it be a great show opportunity, a radio promotion, etc… It is likely that you’ll get rejected but not all the time! Another benefit of simply asking is that you’ll stay in the mind of the person you reach out to. Just don’t be spammy or annoying. That’s a definite way to lose opportunities. Also, make sure you are using Facebook to see when certain opportunities arise. I know Facebook isn’t “cool” anymore but it’s still the best way to know what’s going on and be able to connect with people and try to hop on musical opportunities like opening up for a national act before another band swoops in and gets it.

Get to know Zavi:

The best way to follow along with my bands and I are to to follow me on Instagram at @prsmcat, @spookycoolmusic and @majjinbooband.

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