We know releasing new music takes a lot of work,

and sometimes our songs don't make an official release.

This is a tiny corner of the internet dedicated to showcasing your demos,

incomplete songs or fully-finished songs without a home. 

Who knows?
Your 'undiscovered' track just might be someone's next favorite song. 

ARTIST: Dreadnot

SONG NAME: Company

WEBSITE: https://www.dreadnotmusic.com 

"Our band is comprised of all guys who've known each other for 20+ years (elementary school-level). One of our best friends growing up (Zach) joined the marines after high school. He did two tours in Afghanistan and was honorably discharged, and we had a chance to hang out and catch-up. He was the same old Zach, goofy, smiling and loudly laughing (he won most "distinctive laugh" as one of our high school superlatives). We said goodbye and parted ways, looking forward to the next time to hang out. About a month later, we learned from his mom that he took his own life. This song was born out of the idea that we wish we had known, wish we had been there, wish we could've helped him. This song is for him and anyone silently suffering from something behind the face they put on.

It's not fake. We legitimately want people to reach out to us if they're going through something and want someone to talk to. A Facebook message, an Instagram message, a text message, a phone call, anything." 

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